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Our investment partners

EvoCare offers investors attractive conditions for acquiring shares: The German government promotes investments in EvoCare. Investors receive 20% cash-back, income tax exemptions and exit kickers. The subsidy is valid until November 25, 2022. INVEST

The market

Therapy services are provided by healthcare providers in all sectors of the healthcare market.

Almost 90% of the adult population uses outpatient services within a year and received prescriptions for therapeutic products amounting to 8.9 billion euros in 2020 (GKV). (1)

These services are provided by about 2000 hospitals and clinics, more than 72,000 medical practices and 30,000 care facilities. (2)

"Out-patient health care plays an important role in identifying and treating health problems. [...]”

Approximately 80% of the population aged 18 and older received primary care or general medical, specialist, psychiatric, or psychotherapeutic treatment at least once during the year."

(Quelle: (Source: Journal of Health Monitoring | 3/2021 | GEDA 2019/2020-EHIS)

Our mission

Pioneering telemedicine, we believe that digital methods are the third pillar of the healthcare system alongside outpatient and inpatient treatment.

With over 20 years of experience in developing and launching digital telemedicine and telerehabilitation methods and techniques, our founders have successfully paved the way for the modern eHealth and Digital Health scene several times.

Our goal is to become a dominant player in the international Digital Health market, providing flexible access to digital health services for everyone.

Member of the Board and Supervisory Board

Dr. Rer. Nat. Ralf Kohnen
Chairman of the Board

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Dr. Ralf Kohnen is a member of the Executive Board of EvoCare Holding AG. His global activities gained him extensive experience in the health, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. After receiving his doctorate in biology, with a focus on neuroendocrinology, from the Ruhr University in Bochum in 1992, he started his career in the sales force. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 he was awarded the "Golden Tablet" for leading the sales organization - as Head of Sales General Medicines at Novartis. In 2009 he published the book: "The Sales Force Effectiveness Program", as co-author. Until 2012, he worked for Novartis as Pharma Executive Director (Executive Director, Head of Sales Operations & Excellence Greater China) in China.

Dr. Achim Hein
Member of the Board

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as the inventor of the first approved and regularly billable telemedical treatment procedure EvoCare and as co-founder of the Deutsche Telemedizin Zentrum e.V., he is a pioneer of telemedicine. As consultant and lecturer, Dr. Hein has been instrumental in establishing digital services like telemedicine and teletherapy in standard care in Germany. His work focuses on the digitization of treatment services and in the area of Ambient Assisted Living. He holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and is an author.

Dr. Jochen Tenbieg
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Patricia Hein
Member of the Supervisory Board

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Patricia Hein is a trained merchant, fitness specialist and business economist with a focus on sales management. She operated her own therapy centers in Bavaria for many years and gained experience in teletherapeutic care with EvoCare® over the last 20 years.

Jan Stenger
Member of the Supervisory Board


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(2) KBV Praxisnachrichten Statista: Number of hospitals since 2000 Destatis: Nursing Facilities in Germany and WiDO Remedies Report 2020 (PDF)