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EvoCare® - The Care Evolution

Digital Health delivered to your home with EvoCare®: Multi-indicative content, a proven method and highest treatment quality while relieving therapists and increasing capacity at the same time. Thanks to the digital process, the provision of therapy and treatment services is completely independent of time and location. EvoCare provides personal motivation, is verifiably effective and economically highly sustainable.

How does EvoCare® benefit me?

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Our mission

Providing patients with barrier-free access to digital treatment services anywhere and at any time, and to ensure their long-term therapeutic success.

Our network of partners

Promoting digitalization in the healthcare sector requires good networking and strong partners. We are partnering with both outpatient and inpatient healthcare facilities, integrating specialists to ensure optimal treatment outcomes for patients.

„there is no difference from a medical point-of-view […] comparing classical therapy with the EvoCare method“

Prof. Dr. Beyer
Deutsche Rentenversicherung


Investment-free Integration

We help you reach your patients: Our service team ensures that your individual expertise reaches your patients where they need it the most: at home. The EvoCare Digital Healthcare Platform offers safe therapy, transparent documentation and official certification by Germany’s largest statuatory healthcare insurance. Pioneering digital healthcare, introducing digital treatment methods into standard care, and years of experience, EvoCare supports you with efficient digital health solutions and services.

Your benefits as a healthcare provider ➜

Tried and tested digital treatment

EvoCare® has more than 20 years of experience in teletherapy, telerehabilitation and telerehab aftercare. Social insurance carriers such as the German Pension Insurance (DRV), the Pension Insurance Institution (PVA) and BVAEB (Versicherungsanstalt öffentlich Bediensteter, Eisenbahn und Bergbau) in Austria have established the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in scientific studies. Data protection of digital treatment also has been verified by the respective cost carriers.

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Efficient Digital Health Solutions

After surgery or illness and in prevention, EvoCare supports patients in their recovery and maintaining of health. Digital care can be used for: orthopedic indications such as treatment of shoulder, back, hip, knee pain, diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, stroke, dementia, mental health conditions, stress management, oncological cases, chronic diseases, long-/post covid syndrome.

Our range of services ➜

The EvoCare Family

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We support the introduction of digital treatment services. The EvoCare® method is described as a procedure (theory-based). Training for healthcare professionals is provided in cooperation with the Deutsches Telemedizin Zentrum - DTZ e.V. Website ➜
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The Long COVID Network offers training for general practitioners and specialists throughout Germany to become a Long COVID Network Physician. Speaker: Dr. Martin Schultz, MD. The continuing education courses are registered with the Bavarian Medical Association. Current dates can be found on the website. Website ➜
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The therapy center with the digital extra, combines classic treatments with the modern digital EvoCare® method. Our interdisciplinary team from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neurology and rehab brings holistic care to your home. Website ➜

Our promise to you

Data security assured Safe use and treatments Scientifically evident treatment


EvoCare goes Japan: Joint Venture signed with HLM Inc.

Bavarian Digital Health experts sign Joint Venture

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Appointment to the expert pool of the G-BA

Inventor of TeleTherapy Dr. Achim Hein officially appointed as expert

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