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Appointment to the G-BA expert pool

Inventor of TeleTherapy Dr. Achim Hein receives officially acknowledgement

Digital healthcare in Germany has gained an important advocate for modern treatment and therapy methods.

The G-BA's Innovation Committee has appointed Dr. Achim Hein, one of the pioneers of digital healthcare in Germany, to the expert pool.

With well over 20 years of hands-on experience, Dr. Hein’s TeleTherapy method and subsequent development of the EvoCare Digital Healthcare platform became an renowned innovation driver

The EvoCare method has been permanently included in the standard care catalog and is already being used by a large number of partners in Germany and abroad. It helps patients in all somatic indications.

As a member of the expert pool, Dr. Hein advises the members of the Federal Joint Committee on, for example, the evaluation of digital health care projects, issues relating to the improvement of regional health care, etc..

The Innovation Committee at the G-BA

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) is tasked with promoting research projects on more far-reaching, improved forms of care and healthcare. External experts advise the G-BA's Innovation Committee on the priorities and criteria for awarding funding.

At the end, the funded projects are evaluated and, if necessary, translated into recommendations for transferring the approaches and findings gained into standard care. The positive transfer recommendations made in this way are forwarded in a targeted manner to organizations and institutions in the health care system so that they can be taken into account within their area of responsibility.