Bavarian Digital Health experts sign Joint Venture

Press Release

EvoCare, leading provider of telemedicine solutions for treatment, therapy and care, and Japanese specialist in healthcare, home care and support HLM inc. signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture.

In the presence of representatives of the Bavarian state government and its international representatives both companies agreed on developing digitalized healthcare solutions in clinics, rehabilitation, outpatient healthcare, life assistance and housing for seniors, as well as mutual investments.

Solutions for demographic change

Tokyo, Japan, based company Human Life Management Inc. goal is to enable a growing number of people in need of support and care to lead active, self-determined and independent lives in their familiar surroundings well into their old age by providing telemedical care solutions.

Establishment in 2002, HLM Inc. has since introduced up a wide range of systems and aids for hospitals, outpatient service providers and families.

As Japan’s demographic change continues, innovative solutions are needed: Japan’s population averages at 50 years of age, and nearly one-third of residents are 65 or older, with a life expectancy of more than 84 years. A real challenge for a country that values its elderly and wants to take care of them.

Digital solutions for healthcare

On Monday, May 16, 2022, the cooperation between Human Life Management Inc. (Tokyo) and EvoCare Holding AG (Fürth) was sealed on the premises of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care.

Witnessed by representatives of the Free State of Bavaria and associated companies, senior ministerial councilor Andreas Ellmaier, government councilor Christian Kuhnle (both BayStMGP), Mr. Christian Geltinger (Bayern International GmbH), Prof. Dr. Matthias Wunsch (DHBW Heidenheim) as well as the chairman of the supervisory board Dr. Achim Hein, the board members Dr. Ralf Kohnen (EvoCare) and Yoshiki Sasaki (HLM) signed the cooperation agreement.

Lighthouse project for Japanese-Bavarian cooperation

The cooperation has the potential to become a flagship project for future Bavarian/Japanese cooperations in healthcare. Both Japan and Germany are facing demographic change, especially in rural areas where support services are thin on the ground, successful application of EvoCare in Japan may pave the way for a wide-spread application of tele-therapy solutions.

Thanks to the similar approval paths and market entry challenges in Japan and Germany, those responsible expect mutual impetus and important bridge-building for other Bavarian companies as well.

About Human Life Management Inc.

"We create solutions enabling seniors and their families to live their lives forever in their own way."

Founded in 2002, HLM Inc. promotes services and technologies to support the elderly and those in need of care throughout Japan. To this end, it has built structures to provide home health care, nursing and caregiving services.

HLM Inc. supports service providers in the healthcare, living assistance, and senior living sectors maximizing the potential of their ventures.

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